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So in BC, Veld says that everyone was taken to Nibelheim after the Kalm bombing, including himself and that’s presumably where he at least had his initial recovery and the prosthetic put on. I couldn’t help but ask myself a little what might have been, if he’d just looked around some

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I’ve had some interesting responses to my work, and why I’ve written Hojo the way I do (primarily in To Be Human as it’s my longest work as of the moment and he happens to show up regularly) so I thought I’d go into a little more detail.

First of all, let me lay the initial blame at the feet of crimson-sun / risingoflights because he really did touch things off with his take on the professor. Much as I was “blamed” for making him take a closer look at Lazard; I imagine he feels just as pleased.

The second thing, though, is that I admitted to myself that a lot of my earlier works (pre-Tumblr, for the most part, but not purposefully so) were much more heavily fandom influenced than canon. So I’ve done a lot of digging into canon and really thinking on things before continuing on. I think it’s definitely improved my writing, and I’m proud of the end results I’ve made. So, as said… a look at Hojo, and why I write him as I do.

Long post under the cut.

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So, in case anyone ever wondered about my thoughts on what the hell Hojo was thinking during the start of the Jenova Project, given he openly calls her the Calamity in Crisis Core… here you go. Headcanons ahoy!


“Gast thinks you’re an ancient,” Jirou mused, glancing up at the tank that held the creature in question. There was something human-esque about it, certainly, but the doctor didn’t buy into the theory that it was ancient in any way but old. “Two thousand years ago, trapped so deep in the ice and rock. I don’t think that was an accident.”


“They say talking to yourself is a sign of insanity, you know.” Lucas gave him an amused look, coming to view the tank himself. “You don’t think it can hear you, surely?”


“You never know.” He shrugged, considering it. “Maybe. There’s reason to think it might be semi-aware, somewhere in all that.”


Of course, the younger doctor scoffed at that, openly skeptical. “If it was alive the project wouldn’t have gotten a go ahead, Jirou.”


“You never know,” he repeated. “But you’ve seen the readings. You’ve looked at the samples. Even you had to have seen that some of them are very much active.”


It was almost funny to watch him squirm, making a face. “They’re just cells. Jenova is dead.”


“Mmhm, you sound so sure of yourself.” He chuckled softly, pushing his glasses up. “A dead Ancient, preserved so humans would one day dig ‘her’ up, study, and make new ones. Hah.”

“That’s the project you signed on for, you know!” Lucas was generally even tempered, but he tended to get rather angry if you flustered him. It was amusing. “The Jenova Project will change the world!”

that I believe.” He smiled darkly, leaning against the rail and watching him sputter. “It’s late, Lucas. Well past your bedtime, I’m sure. Why don’t you go get some rest.”

“Don’t you talk down to me!”

“I never talk down to anyone, Lucas, I meet them on their level.” His smirk was sharp enough to cut. “That just happens to generally be beneath me.”

“Get over yourself, you’re not that great! You’re not even the only doctor - and I’m
younger than you.”

“Oh, well, by all means
Doctor Hollander don’t let me hurt your feelings.” He laughed at the thought until he had to wipe tears from his eyes. “You’re ridiculous.”

“I wasn’t the one talking to a dead body because I can’t handle a civil conversation with living human beings,
Doctor Hojo.” He sneered. “I might just leave before your insanity catches. Bad enough I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Mmhm.” The Wutain scientist was already turning back to the specimen in question, and didn’t turn even when the other man stomped off. “I don’t know what you are, Jenova, but I’m sure you’re no ancient. Still, if it gets us the funds… well… a chance to study a creature as old as the ancients that was sealed like some cursed demon? Sure. But don’t think for one second I’m going to just clone you like that idiot.”

Jirou Hojo set a hand on the tank, considering the chill of foreboding a
challenge. “I can do better.”


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